Thursday, October 6, 2016

Top 5 ways to make money with blogging

Whenever we look for ways to make money online we come across those titles like: Make money with blogging, Here are 10 ways to make money with your blog, Secrets to making money with a blogging and so on and so forth. Some people have already understood how to do so and have mastered this tip and are making quite a good income out of it, while others are still looking for ways and methods that can really help them generate money from blogging. In this post I will give you top 5 ways to generate money with blogging if you use them effevtively. But before starting this article, I would like to point out that this method (blogging) is not a get rich quick scheme, and that it depends on the efforts and the content that a blogger offers. For some bloggers, results may appear fast, while it may take years for others to show. So let's start.

1- Google Adsense

Maybe you have heard about this right? Yes, this is prpbably one of the most famous ways that bloggers and website owners can do in order to make money with their blogs. It is a program that allows bloggers and websites owners to display google ads on their blogs and websites and by doing so both, Google and bloggers are going to earn. Google takes the big cut, and bloggers get a percentage of it. Paid per impression and paid per click are the two main ways by which bloggers can make money from adsense. Paid per impression, the viewers do not have to click on the ad in order for the blogger to receive an income, they are paid for how many times the viewer has seen the ad. In Paid per click, bloggers are paid whenever someone clicks on the ad.

2- Affiliate Marketing

This is when bloggers and website owners promote a company or services and products of that company. Bloggers are given a URL link that leads viewers to the company's website. If the viewr clicks that link and makes a purchase, the blogger takes commission. There are a few ways through which you get paid for being an affiliate:

- You get paid a percentage of the sale:  Whenever a viewer clicks your link and makes a purchase you get a percentage. This percentage can be high or low and depends on the product you are promoting.

 - You get paid per lead: Bloggers here get paid with a fixed amount. This happens when viewers use your affiliate link to sign up for the company you are promoting, and you are paid as a result of that. paid per lead are generally low (Sometimes only few cents).

- You get paid a fixed amount: Whenever a visitor of your website make a purchase you get paid with fixed amount instead of a percentage.

3- Selling ads space on your blog or website:

When a blog or a website becomes famous and and generates more traffic, companies become interested about it and the owner will be able to sell some spaces of his blog or website to these companies on which they put their ads. These ads are usually placed in the header or in the sidebar and sometimes below the blog posts.

4- Writing sponsored posts:

As mentionned earlier above, when a blog or a website generates a lot of traffic, compnaies may ask the owner of the website to write a post about them or about their product. Here the blogger can negotiate with the compnay and set a price for how much he will write that post. 

5- Selling your own products:

If you think that your blog is a selling tool only for others then you are wrong. The truth is that you can also use your blog to sell your own products or services. Write posts about the product or place the ads of this product on you blog  and make sells. This way can be so effective if the product or the service you are promoting matchs the niche your blog is tackling. 

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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

10 Simple Ways That Can Help You Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Well, we all know that having more traffic on a blog or a website means more sells and more money. Traffic is the heart of the website that pomp life into it and help it stay strong and alive. Everyday thousands of bloggers and website owners especially newbies are making permanent research to find more ways that may help them drive more traffic to their business. Some of them succeed while the others fail.  In this post I am going to give you 10 golden ways that will help you bring more traffic to your website  and boost your business.

1- Come up with good headlines:

Headlines are the first thing we observe before clicking on the article to read more. If your headline is not well optimized and well formed then readers will ignore it and you will end loosing more traffic. So, always try to make your headlines attention takers and mix them with suspense so that readers will not be able to ignore them.

2- Promote your blog with social media tools:

Instead of depending only on the content of your website, try also to promote it with social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus. Do not underestimate what these websites can do for you and the traffic that they can bring to your website. A lot of people are getting traffic just by using these websites without paying even a pin.

3- Advertise your website:

If you want to drive traffic to your website and quickly, then you need to advertise it. I personaly advice you to use Facebook ads if you are ready for paid traffic because I consider it number one when it comes to driving traffic to a website. Some people are making a lot of money by just advertising on facebook, so take advantage of this tool and start using it and be amazed of the results you get.

4- Improve your website's performance:

Always make sure that your website loads quickly and properly and on all kind of devices so that users can reach you whenever they want. always remember that nowadays speed is a must, and people love doing things quickly this is why I insist that you need to make your website load fast. By doing, you are going to avoid visitors getting bored and leave your website before even looking a second into it.

5-  Create a youtube channel:

You can consider youtube as your promotional television and the voice of your website. There are thousands and thousands of bloggers and website owners who have succeeded in making their blogs so famous just by using Youtube. Keep in mind that not all people like to read. Millions of them prefer watching instead of reading. When you catch their attention with your channel content, they will always look for more and as a result of that they will lookf for your website trying to take more value from it and you will end driving more traffic to your blog.

6- Buil an email list

Try to build an email list and use it to promote your content for subscribers. Learn how to introduce the content of your article and send it to your email list subscribers and put a link of your website to allow them to read the rest of the article. Building an email list will help you sav time and get easy traffic everyday.

7- Use quality pictures in your article

A recent study shows that colored visuals boost the will of reading up to 80%. People tend to remember only 10% of the information they hear for three days. However, if the infomation is presented with a picture, people will keep 65% of this information also for three days. Statistics also show that content with relevant pictures gets a percentage of 94% more than other contents with no relevant pictures.

8- Answer visitors' comments

Always respond to the comments of your website visitors. Let them feel you care about them, win their confidence and loyalty. This will help you earn repeat visitors as a mentioned above. 

9- Optimize your website or blog for search:

SEO or Search Engin Optimization is of a great importance. If you don't optimize your website and your blog posts, your blog will be less visible to people who are looking for keywords related to your content or product when they look for them on search engins like Google and Bing and others. Treat this feature seriously and lear all the necessary tools that help you master SEO and tak full advantage of the potential of your website. 

10- Love what you do

When you love what you do you will be creative and you can innovate more. When we lack passion about what we do people will feel that your writings are boring and as a result of that they will loose the desire to read your content stop following you. But, when you are writing about something you are passionate about, people will love it because they find more value in your content and they will always come back to your blog looking for more.

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